Dieback, an unfolding tragedy

Three years ago we heard the first confirmed report of Chalara Ash dieback in a mature tree near Shepton Mallet, and have been monitoring the local woods since.

Two years ago we had yet to see any signs, but last year many Ash (Fraxinus excelsior) trees in the woods started to show the first signs of dieback.

This year it is now very clear that with dead tops of the trees all over.  There are a few Ash not showing any signs yet, so we will continue to watch closely.

This Chalara dieback disease of ash trees caused by a fungus called Hymenoscyphus fraxineus.



Awaiting the stars …

At this time of year the Ramsons leaves form dense, fragrant carpets under the Ash.  I found the first flower spike forming today, it will not be long until the carpet turns into white stars.

End of the Conifers for this year

The contractors completed their Conifer felling over the Easter weekend.   The resulting stacks of timber are now by the Large Oak on the main track awaiting collection.

Unfortunately there will always be a few causalities of surrounding broadleaf trees, and this time the main Gatepost at the entrance to Harridge Woods West has also suffered.


The ancient coppiced “Stoggles” come in all shapes and sizes

Barking Mad

The bright winters sun has been ideal for photographing close ups of all the different types of tree bark.