Low sunlight on Moss

I love the backlit effects of low sunlight slanting over the moss under the conifers.


King Alfred’s Cakes

Some of the Stoggles are hardly hanging on.

Near the end of their life the fruiting bodies of King Alfred’s Cakes (also know as Cramp Ball fungus and Coal fungus – Daldinia concentric) cover the stump.

Rocks and Moss

The Nettlebridge valley is in a “rain shadow” behind the Mendip ridge and hence has much higher rainfall than average.  The result are some fantastic conditions for the growth of Mosses and other damp loving plants.

I love the interplay you get between the Moss, Ferns and Rocks, wonderful shade and light in the sun.

Dark Arch

Towards the top of Ashwick Grove are two lines of four Yew trees, that now form a dark Arch, almost completely covered in thick Moss.

Local knowledge says these were originally maintained as two lines of Yew Topiary, but they have grown and changed dramatically over the past 100 years+.