Mendip Views

On of the great joys of living in a valley, is that you get fantastic views, down, along and across the valley.


Clare’s Rock came crashing down

Clare’s rock is the major landmark of Home Wood, un-missable as it is right next to the footpath.

A safety survey of Clare’s rock had identified loose rocks which were in danger of breaking away and coming crashing onto the public footpath below.

Hence on 4th November 2014 contractors were employed is dislodge these rocks in a safe manner, and the resulting boulders can still be seen on the footpath and below where they landed.

Controlled rockfall on the path below Clare's Rock
Controlled rockfall on the path below Clare’s Rock

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Harridge Wood Hole

High up in Harridge Wood West, just below the ridge track is a large rocky depression, and alt the lowest point of this is the entrance to Harridge Wood Hole.   It is not a big cave at just over 20m long, but the entrance is gated to prevent unauthorised access.

More info about Harridge Wood Hole.

Benter Cavelet

On the outcrop of Cockles Wood facing Benter is a cave like hollow under the protective roots of a guarding Hornbeam Tree.

Known as Benter Cavelet it is possibly the site excavated by Abbot of Downside, where he found Bronze Age remains around 1920.

More details about Benter Cavelet on Mendip Cave Registry.

Rock or Root?

In Cockles Wood there are some fantastic juxtapositions of rock and root, where the roots have grown so closely, sometimes it’s hard to tell which is which.

Cockles Wood Lower Cave

The Dolomitic Conglomerate that undelies Cockles Wood has a long cliff face containing many crags and rifts.

One of the largest rifts is known as Cockles Wood Lower Cave.  This was excavated by a team from Downside School between 1947 and 1950.   The team found Neolithic and Bronze Age remains.

More details of the cave on Mendip Cave Registry.

Raven’s Rock

High up on the Northern slopes of the lower part of Ashwick Grove is Raven’s Rock.  As it is set back, above the track, it is much less known than Clare’s Rock further up the valley. I climbed up to take photos and discovered the whole mossy slope below, it is actually a scree slope of large rocks all hidden by Ferns and Mosses.  It’s a hard climb, but the views at the top were worth it.

More details of climbs on the Crags of Ashwick Grove can be found on this link.   However note on this site they incorrectly name Clare’s Rock as Raven’s Rock