Circular surprise

I first found this surprise a few months ago, just off the top track above Ravens Rock in Home Wood.

Someone has placed a circular wreath made of pine cones on a tree.  We have no idea, who, when or why it was placed, but it is a really nice surprise to find a sculptural form in the woods.


Let sleeping logs lie

Each winter woodland management work is carried out to improve the wildlife habitats and remove the planted timber trees as they mature.  I counted 40 rings on this conifer, which would mean it was planted in 1977.

Ideally the work is completed by March to avoid disturbance to nesting birds.

Unfortunately this year the work carried on well into April, and the timber extraction is still happening in mid May.

End of the Conifers for this year

The contractors completed their Conifer felling over the Easter weekend.   The resulting stacks of timber are now by the Large Oak on the main track awaiting collection.

Unfortunately there will always be a few causalities of surrounding broadleaf trees, and this time the main Gatepost at the entrance to Harridge Woods West has also suffered.

Thinning the conifers

In line with the long term management plan for the woods, this week contractors are in Harridge Woods West removing mature conifers.

However large conifers on the edges of the wood, especially to the top western side of blocks are been left as windbreaks for those trees behind.