Blaze of Yellow

Many of the fields towards Benter are Blazes of Yellow, as sheets of Meadow Buttercup  (Ranunculus acris) come into flower.  This can been seen in both the “improved” (fertilised) and unimproved (natural) pastures.

Meadow buttercups (Ranunculus acris) en mass
Meadow buttercups (Ranunculus acris) en mass

Pink tatters

The lower damp area of Cockles Field stays very wet, even at this time of year.

Amongst the Rushes can be seen the pretty tattered pink flowers of Ragged Robin (Lychnis flos-cuculi), a plant typical of wet meadow and pastures.

Wetland in Cockles Field

Alongside the stream in Cockles Field is a fantastic area of Wet Meadow or Fen, packed full of Sedges and Rushes.

The Somerset Wildlife Trust information board says this was possibly dug out for a boating lake, however an alternate local view is this area was created as bathing pits, for miners to wash in after working in the adjacent Coal mines.