Ramsons on Bank

The North facing backs of Cockles Wood are covered in the Garlic scent of Ramsons.


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Benter Cavelet

On the outcrop of Cockles Wood facing Benter is a cave like hollow under the protective roots of a guarding Hornbeam Tree.

Known as Benter Cavelet it is possibly the site excavated by Abbot of Downside, where he found Bronze Age remains around 1920.

More details about Benter Cavelet on Mendip Cave Registry.

Rock or Root?

In Cockles Wood there are some fantastic juxtapositions of rock and root, where the roots have grown so closely, sometimes it’s hard to tell which is which.

Cockles Wood Lower Cave

The Dolomitic Conglomerate that undelies Cockles Wood has a long cliff face containing many crags and rifts.

One of the largest rifts is known as Cockles Wood Lower Cave.  This was excavated by a team from Downside School between 1947 and 1950.   The team found Neolithic and Bronze Age remains.

More details of the cave on Mendip Cave Registry.